Health and Safety General Standards

Alongside associated procedures in 01.1 to 01.22 Health and safety, this policy was adopted by Buttercross Pre-School on 01/09/2023

Designated Health and Safety Officer is: LEANNE TAYLOR


Our provision is a suitable, clean and safe place for children to be cared for, where they can grow and learn. We meet all statutory requirements for health and safety and fulfil the criteria for meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.


      • We recognise that we have a corporate responsibility and duty of care towards those who work in and receive a service from our provision. Individual staff and service users also have responsibility for ensuring their own safety as well as that of others. Adherence to policies and procedures and risk assessment is the key means through which this is achieved.
      • Insurance is in place (including public liability) and an up-to-date certificate is always displayed.
      • Risk assessment is carried out to ensure the safety of children, staff, parents, and visitors. Legislation requires all those individuals in the given workplace to be responsible for the health and safety of premises, equipment and working practices.
      • Smoking is not allowed on the premises, both indoors and outdoors. If children use any public space that has been used for smoking, members of staff ensure that there is adequate ventilation to clear the atmosphere. Staff do not smoke in their work clothes and are requested not to smoke within at least one hour of working with children. The use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed on the premises.
      • Staff must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for children. If staff are taking medication that they believe may impair them, they seek further medical advice and only work directly with children if that advice is that the medication is unlikely to impair their ability to look after children. The setting manager must be informed.
      • Alcohol must not be bought onto the premises for consumption.
      • A risk assessment (01.1a Generic risk assessment) and access audit (01.1b Access audit form) are carried out for each area and the procedure is modified according to needs identified for the specific environment.
      • Risk assessments are monitored and reviewed by those responsible for health and safety.

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    Further guidance

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