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September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome back to all the children returning to us this year and a big welcome to all those joining us for the first time! The children are settling beautifully and we hope you will all enjoy your time at Buttercross Pre-School.

Our themes this half-term are All about Me, where we get to know each other and learn about our similarities and differences and celebrate all the wonderful things that we can do. We will have weekly ‘Show and Tell’ sessions where children can bring something in that interests them and either talk to the children at circle time or one to one with the staff about. Look out for our new ‘Hopes and Dreams’ display coming soon that will show all our hopes and dreams for the children for the coming year at Pre-School. We will follow this with an Autumn theme, where we will be looking at all the changes that take place within our environment and use natural resources to create and explore.

If your child is given a memory box to take home it is because they will be a Focus Child the following week. It will be helpful if you could fill the box with things that your child likes and is interested in. You could add photos of their family, special toys or books or their favourite thing to do at that moment. Please bring the box back the following week for us to share.

**Allergy advice**
At Buttercross Pre-School we try very hard to remain a Nut Free environment to ensure the safety of all children especially those with known allergies. To do this we ensure that all products that are either consumed or used as resources are labelled as ‘Nut Free’. To ensure that this remains the case, can you please ensure that you do not send in food for lunch containing nuts or products that say they may contain nuts, this includes popular chocolate spreads and some treat items. Thank you again for your support on this matter.

Buttercross Pre-School AGM
Buttercross Pre-School is overseen by a Voluntary Parent Elected Committee. Parents are elected every year during our AGM. If you would like to join our committee we will be having our AGM on the 30th October, 7.15pm at the Pre-School followed by a meal at Yeung Sing Restaurant, please feel free to come along and learn more or ask Tracey for more information. If you cant make this meeting but still want to join the committee come along to any of our meetings (advertised in Pre-School) to find out more.

Show and tell dates – bring something from home to talk about.
Tuesday 26th September
Wednesday 4th October
Thursday 12th October
Friday 20th October
Monday 6th November

INSET DAY – Friday 6th October
PLEASE NOTE Pre-School will be closed for an Inset day in line with Robert Miles Infant School

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have anything you need to discuss or if you have any concerns regarding your child – Tracey Marrs (Manager)

AGM – 30th October 7.15pm

Pre-School closes for half term on Friday 20th October and reopens on TUESDAY 31st October

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