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June/July Newsletter 2017

June/July Newsletter.
Welcome back to everyone after a lovely half term break to what will be, for some, the last few weeks of their time with us. We have an exciting few weeks ahead for these children, with school visits, a leavers trip and a small ‘Graduation ceremony’ for parents to attend. We are hoping the weather gets better over the next few days as the children are loving the new addition of the reading den to the garden and are willing our sunflowers to grow ‘as tall as Chris!’

Show and tell
Friday 9th June
Monday 12th June
Tuesday 20th June
Wednesday 28th June
Thursday 6th July

Stay and play days.
Friday 16th June
Thursday 29th June
Monday 10th July
Please feel free to join us for a play, even if it’s just for half an hour, the children love to have their family at pre-school

Parents evening 12th- 15th June
Ladies Night – 7th July
Graduation ceremony for leavers Monday 17th July
Photographer in preschool 17th July
Pre-School leavers trip to Little Jacks Farm Tuesday 18th July

Pre-School closes Friday 21st July
Pre-School re-opens on Tuesday 5th

If your child currently attends Buttercross on the afternoon of their weekly visit to the infant school this term, we will happily take those children across to the school if you wish. In order for us to do this you must have completed all of their registration forms for school and have handed them in. Children must then be picked up by their parent at the school at the allotted time.

This year our trip for the children who are leaving us in September to go to school will be to Little Jacks Farm in Bottesford. Letters will be going out this week, could you please return the reply slip ASAP.
Please note Pre-school will be open as usual for the younger children.

On Monday 17th July we will be holding a small ‘Graduation Ceremony’ for the children that are leaving. Parents are invited to attend and the children will sing songs and have a small presentation. Letters will be sent out shortly.
At the same time there will be photographer visiting the preschool who will take pictures of the children in a graduation gown and cap if wanted and will also take pictures of any of the children and their siblings for you to purchase.

Can you please ensure that all children’s clothes, lunch boxes and bottles are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that we can match property with their rightful owners!

Tickets are now available from Pre-School or committee members for our popular Ladies night. Tickets are £5 and include a glass of prosecco. On offer will be …
Taster treatments
Handmade items
Food and drink
And much much more!!
Hope to see you all there!!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jonathan Bartrop
(George’s dad!) for making us our amazing new Reading Den!
It is a fantastic addition to our garden and the children have
all chosen their favourite story to put in and have filled it with
cushions and beanbags making it a cosy area to share stories
and relax.

**Allergy/Grape advice**
Thanks again for your continued support regarding Nut allergies. To ensure that our children are safe at all times can you please ensure that you do not send in food containing nuts or products that say they may contain nuts. Care must be taken that chocolate spread is not the ‘Nutella’ brand, but one that does not contain nuts.
Can you please ensure that grapes (or similar eg olives) in children’s lunch boxes are sliced vertically so they do not pose a choking risk.

Can you please ensure that children come to pre-school with sunhats, covered shoulders and sun-cream already applied when the weather is warm. We will reapply sun-cream at lunchtime for those children staying all day.

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