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January 2017 Newsletter

January Newsletter.

Welcome back to everyone after what I hope was a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We were excited to hear all about the celebrations that the children had and it seems that all of them were on the ‘Good’ list this year!! A big thank you to all of the children for a wonderful Christmas performance again this year, and to all the family and friends that turned up to watch. We were very proud of all of them all and we raised a fantastic £196.00 for the pre-school.


This term we will be investigating what happens to our animal friends in the Winter, we will look at animals that like the cold weather and where they live. We will be making bug houses to protect the insects that we find in the garden and making sure that the birds are fed through the winter.  We will be using the school wildlife area to support their learning, using investigative resources to help us. We are looking at the changing weather and what we can wear or do to keep us warm and are on ‘flake watch’ hoping to see some snow soon. The children are also making a graph recording the weather every day.  Thank you for all your support with the ‘All about Me’ boxes, the children have been very excited to tell us all about their items in their boxes and we have learnt so much from them, they really have been a valuable resource for planning for the children’s learning and we are making a lovely book filled with all the photos you sent. They will be coming home again this term so we are looking forward to seeing what’s inside!!!

**Allergy/grape advice**

Thanks again for your continued support regarding Nut allergies. To ensure that our children are safe at all times can you please ensure that you do not send in food containing nuts or products that say they may contain nuts. Care must be taken that chocolate spread is not the ‘Nutella’ brand, but one that does not contain nuts.

Can you please ensure that grapes (or similar eg olives) in children’s lunch boxes are sliced vertically so they do not pose a choking risk.


Show and tell dates – bring something from home to talk about.

Friday 13th January

Monday 16th January

Tuesday 24th January

Wednesday 1st February

Thursday 9th February


Pre –School closes on Friday the 10th of February for half term and will reopen on Monday 20th February


We will be holding a valentines cake sale on the Thursday 9th of February  at the end of the afternoon session, any donations will be gratefully received on the Wednesday and Thursday

Mothers day photo shoot 25th January – At preschool

Can you please ensure that all uniform, lunch boxes and drinks bottles are named clearly to ensure that they go home with the correct families.


Michelle from Saul Isaac Photography will be back in Pre-School on the 25th January offering a Mothers Day photo shoot. Please see posters In Pre-School to see how these photos are arranged. She will also be available to do individual and sibling photos. If you would like your child/children to have photos taken please see Tracey to arrange a time slot.


A reminder that you only have until the 15th of January to apply for your child’s school place for September 2017. If your child turns 5 between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018. You must apply online at

If you require any support please speak to Tracey.


We now have most parents/carers accessing Tapestry at home. All parents have been invited to access this via email but if your email link has expired please let me know and I can send you a new link. It is a lovely way of keeping up with your child’s learning at Preschool and for you to add to this with your child’s learning at home.

Valentines Cake Sale

We will be having a cake sale on thursday 9th February. Any donations will be very gratefully received on the Wednesday or the Thursday

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